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The game can be played with or without registration, but some pages and features will not be accessible without being registered on the site. Most of the stories will not be possible to complete without registration. Among the features only available to registered users is the ability to purchase credits and to save the games while playing. (From hereon we'll assume that the user has registered and logged in with an email and password.)

The goal of the game is to hook up with a girl in each of the stories. It is not possible to win the game in the usual sense, rather you should focus on playing each game through the end. You'll be relying on your skills and moves to get the girls to reveal all their charms. You should try to do this by using as few credits as possible. (The introductory story of the game will give you more details about what you can expect.

At the beginning of the game the player will choose a story. Then the challenge is to get to know the girl by selecting appropriate replies to what she says and does and try to get intimate with her. You should make every effort to feel out the girl's vibes, background and her style to be successful and get close to her. Pay attention to the pictures, her comments and try to anticipate her moods to plan your next move.

Throughout the game you can acquire or buy items that will help in gaining a girl's sympathy towards you. Some of these items are necessary for getting ahead in a part of the story, but some of these may turn out to have not much use at all.

Just as in real life, you will need money in the games as well. We call these credits here. For these credits you can acquire items and buy certain virtual services. Reloading stories and gaining access to some pictures requires credits as well. You can buy credits with major credit cards through our "ATM".

You can only play one game at the same time. It is possible to save your game standings in three available memory slots. The items that you acquire throughout the games are available for use in any of these games and not just the one you acquired it in.

You are prohibited from:

-manipulate the game data in your browser in any way
- give away the passwords in the game
- to save the pictures and store them locally on your hard drive, or to give them to third parties.

Those that break the rules will be banned from the site and their saved games, items acquired and credits will not be returned to them.
For more details see the : Terms of service.

Have fun and get the girls!

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