You wake up very thirsty, with a pounding headache. You want to crawl out of bed and head for the fridge for something cold and liquid, instead you fall back on the bed again. You have a tremendous hangover. As you look at the clock on the wall it shows just about noon. 'Damn, that party was something else last night..' - you think, but you also mentally note: '...or probably was '. You really can't remember too many details. Anyway, now you have bigger problems than trying to reconstruct last night. Slowly you start rearranging yourself: a visit to the toilet, a little soap and water and you also force three glasses of water down your throat. Trying to ignore the nausea you're feeling, you decide to get a bit more rest. You lie down on the bed on your back, when your eye catches a glimpse of something on the table.

Oh, son of a...! Seeing the remainder of the money you threw away last night, you start to remember some details...

You were drinking with the guys at a well known watering hole downtown. You were blowing off some steam, after a couple of stressful weeks at work and you had a little too much a little too fast. After a couple of whiskeys you were dishing out friendly advice to just about anyone who would listen. After checking out the waitresses buzzing around in their mini skirts you started to feel pretty confident about everything. You soon made some statements that you can get any of these honeys laid. Of course nobody took you seriously, which started to piss you off a bit. Your friend Brocko - a complete loser - finally demanded that you prove it. So the next thing you know, you made a bet. Five of your friends, who were also guided by too many drinks, bet half of their monthly salary against yours, if you win the bet and can actually get two girls laid... At the same time!

You were dumb enough to top the whole thing still: just so you would prove it to all those losers you agreed to take pictures of the whole experience. Of course the boys had some restrictions. You could not get help from

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