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Got traffic? Join the Hungirly Affiliate Program!
We offer a 50% Lifetime Revenue Share with weekly payments.
Program operated by CCBill
If you already have a CCBill account, you can connect to our affiliate program via this form:

If you do not yet have a CCBill account, you can create one here for free:

Please note that the CCBill web interface could be confusing for first time users. Ask us for help if you had any kind of trouble using it!

For your information, your CCBill link - which you should use to send traffic to us - will look like this:
Where xxxxxxx stands for your ccbill id provided by CCBill (it's usually 7 numbers).

How does this work?

You probably know this already, but for those who are not yet familiar with affiliate programs, here is a short explanation.

You can send users (traffic) to, e.g. by placing one of our banners or a textlink to your site. If you do this using our affiliate link, we pay you a 50% comission of all the payments initiated by those users. In order to be fair, this program is operated by a third party, CCBill - a well known payment processor. They track your visitors, payments, and handle your earnings. They provide various payout options (e.g. electronic transfer or check-by-mail).

Why join?

HunGirly is a unique site: there are only a few sites offering similar games. This is a huge advantage, as there is little competition, which means better conversion. At the same time, it is built using the so-called "freemium" model, which means users can start to play for free, but the game gets harder and harder, so many of them end up paying anyway. This business model works very well, which means even better conversion.

What can you expect?

Most affiliate programs advertise themselves as being the best. We do not say that. However, we do say this about this program:
  • it only works for English speaking visitors obviously
  • most paying users come from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany
  • UK traffic usually converts the best, but most users come from the USA
  • we measure the best conversion from relevant sites, for example adult flash games, adult gaming forums, adult gaming reviews, etc.
  • for UK traffic, we have an average of 1:200 (payment/visitor) conversion
  • for USA traffic, it's about 1:500
  • from certain gaming forums we have seen an exceptional 1:50 conversion, but for trash traffic (e.g. TGP blind hits) it's so much lower that you shouldn't even bother
  • if you have quality traffic, you can achieve about $10 CPM ($10 for every 1000 visitors you send to us)

Webmaster referal program

You can also send us webmasters. If they become our affiliates, we give you 10% of their earning (from our end, of course). For this you can use the following link:

Work WITH us, and not FOR us!

There's more to joining this program than simply sending us traffic. If you have a lot of traffic, many users, an interesting site, etc., then we can work together so that if you help us, we help you, too! We can link to your site, we can create special promotions just for your users, and so on. Please contact us if you have any ideas or questions!

If you need banners, you can find some here:

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